Sunday, May 6, 2007


I went with an 8.5x5.5 size card this time. I have a pack of bristol sketch cards, but they are really skinny and it's hard to really get a good composition in that.

I also need to figure out some different lighting. The reflecting light on this video was really bad.

Also, Windows Movie Maker is nice, but I'd rather be able to speed up or slow down the video to match the music rather than just double or quadruple the lapse time. I'd love a reduce time feature that would go by frame rate, maybe some searching for different editing software is in order.



Len said...

Is that sunlight or your drawing table lamp making the glare?

Also, I know it's an investment, but a Mac Mini with iMovie might be your answer. It comes with the Mac, but it is really powerful and versatile for this kind of video.

Mr. Austin said...

It's a lamp. There's a couple earlier ones with the lamp and sunlight and it's just impossible to see. I think I might try with ambient light from nearby next time.

I know Macs make this kind of thing easier, but truth be told, if I'm going to get 6 requests to do this it's not worth the upgrade, ya know? I have to upgrade my workstation soon enough anyway, maybe a Mac is in order.

Len said...

Yes, trust me. It is worth the investment and you'll wonder why you ever worked on a PC.

Then again, I am a Mac Snob. Sorta. :)

Mr. Austin said...

I spend so little time actually doing anything on a PC that isn't internet or job related that it probably wouldn't be worth the investment right now, but you may be right about doing it...just later.

And yes, you're a Mac snob, no sorta about it. :D