Monday, June 11, 2007

All About Robots

11. The Fourth Edition
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Looking for a gift for that someone who has everything? Need a custom avatar for Facebook or Twitter or Flickr? Robot Portraits could be for you.

Robot Portraits is all about getting yourself a customized piece of art on a 5x7 card mailed right to your home. If you have a picture you'd like robotized, you can email it or send a link. If you'd rather have a random robot, just include a short description with your payment.

(FYI, Paypal doesn't allow attachments so if you have a photo that's not online, just email me.)

Depending on demand, the robots are usually drawn within a day or two of their order and then mailed out. It's about a ten day turn around given postal schedules. I'm good with emailing people and letting them know when they're done and shipped. As soon as they're complete, you can see them online at Flickr and, for those requesting a video, on YouTube. That's all you have to do!


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