Thursday, October 4, 2007

41 Clever and Optimus Prime

This was for a friend's birthday. The smaller guy, Clever, is based on a British concept car of the same name. It's hard turning people into transformers, so I just grabbed a unique vehicle and went from there.


This was done a few weeks ago and mailed to Malaysia so I wasn't able to post it till now, but since this one I haven't got any new requests, hence the president drawings. I'll probably be focusing on those for a while. I want to use them for an upcoming art show, but after that if you'd like one of them, just use the 5x7 paypal button and send me a note which one you want and I'll send it off to you when the show is done.

Carry on.

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Kato said...

You had me at Optimus Prime. ;)