Monday, March 30, 2009

700 Robots is Back.

037 R. Daneel Olivaw
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I know that edacherry put the challenge to me to do a robot a week and that I failed horribly, but now I have a new challenge which is...wait for it, a robot a week.


The editor of the online magazine (dare I say "blog") GoRobotics and I came to an arrangement. The financial terms will not be disclosed (but trust me, it's in the tens of dollars) however he did say he'd run a plug about the site as well as possibly a weekly drawing.

So, I have 700 robots to draw and I've done 37, which means Mr. Robot Editor will have 12 3/4 years worth of material. Hope he's ready for that. Plus I suppose any portraits he wants to run.

It was a very amicable deal and it was very nice of him to offer. That said, I should apologize to edacherry for not following through with the challenge. It wasn't the money, I think I was burned out at the time. But it's on now.

Carry on.

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