Sunday, April 11, 2010

078 Miss Cellania

078 Miss Cellania

About three weeks ago, I decided to move my art desk into the garage to make room for more Lego storage.  I hadn't receive any robot drawing requests in several months.  Toward the end of last year I think I did 5 total.  No big deal, it was never a huge thing and I knew that my set up was simple and I'd be able to do some for anyone if I needed to later.

I'm fully into Lego building now and what few art requests I have are a bit of an albatross.  I don't want to do them, I'm done with drawing.  I just lost the love for it as the love of Lego took over.  I really only have time for one hobby, or do I?

I see a great photostream of Flickr where a guy makes Doctor Who minifigure vignettes for the countdown to the season premier.  I write a post to submit to Neatorama and send it off only catching the typo after I posted it.  Not seeing a way to edit the post, I fire off an email asking if it can be fixed.  The reply said I can't but they can, oh and by the way they love Robot Portraits and would I be interested in collaborating with their shop?

I said SURE OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GOING TO BE LISTED ON NEATORAMA!!  In my head.  I waited a customary 15 minutes before replying and the site founder and I work out an agreement. He doesn't seem to think I'll get many orders, but we'll see.  I find it hilarious that I'd just put all my supplies away and in posting something about my current hobby, I get business pointing back to my old one.

So that's the story.  It probably means I'll be doing more of these for the time being.

Carry on.

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