Saturday, June 5, 2010

Payment Options

I realized the other day as I was struggling with my own financial transferring issues that perhaps it would be beneficial for people to offer a cash/money order/check options for ordering Robot Portraits.

So starting today, if you'd like to order a portrait but don't have a credit card or Paypal account, you can send a personal check, money order or cash.  I'll have a link on the right under the Paypal buttons that basically emails me a request.

After that it's the same process.  You can email or snail mail a photo and I'll turn it into a roboticized version.  This is also important to reiterate, it doesn't always have to be a photo of someone.  If you want just a random robot, you can ask for that as well or one based on a name only.

With non-Paypal orders, keep in mind the turn around will be subject to the speed of the post office and banks.  I won't start it until I receive payment so add that to the time it takes to get the drawing back to you.

Hopefully this will allow more orders for me and more flexibility for you.  Win win, right?  So now what's your excuse. :)

Carry on.

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