Thursday, August 5, 2010

100 Andrey

That's right folks.  I've done 100 of these for you (and some for me.)  Thanks to a gross miscalculation on my part, it's very likely that this isn't the 100th portrait.  It's probably either 98 or 102 depending on how you do the math.  I mislabeled a couple and did a couple that didn't have numbers as gifts.

Anyway, I'm VERY excited to post this one as well because the request came from Moscow!  I'm 37 years old which means I grew up with Carter and Reagan and Bush and Gorbichev and Yeltsin.  It was the fall of the Soviet Union and the return of Russian Federation.  Everything in the media - movies, television, newspapers, comic books - was about the big Soviet Machine, the Communists, the Reds.  We lived in fear of nuclear annihilation and we knew little about Russia.

I'm glad it's not that way any more.  I realize it's been almost 20 years since some of this has happened, but some things are hard to let go.  Getting a request for a drawing from Russia is easily one of the coolest things that's gone on here at Robot Portraits.

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