Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Neatorama Giveway (Sort Of)


For those coming in now, the contest is over.  Sadly, with 7 +1s, I didn't win, but I was in the top running.  I just found out about it too late.  But thanks to all who gave it a vote.

Neatorama is doing a shirt giveaway.  The person with the most +1s on their comment gets a free shirt.  I'm making a counter offer, if you +1 my comment and I win a shirt, I will draw you a robot for free!

That's right, FOR FREE!

I don't know yet if I'll do a full 5x7 or a trading card size or what, but I will honor anyone who favorites my comment as long as I win.

And if I don't win, remember, Christmas is coming up and if you want a piece of art, you'll have to order soon.  I'll need time to draw and mail, get those orders in!!

Carry on.

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