Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Robust Portraits

I received a comment today about possibly offering more robust portraits.  Right now these are cute, sketchy diversions but not a serious endeavor.  The idea is people might think my art is really slick but they can't afford a $500 painting, but hey, he also do these $20 sketch cards, I can get one of those.

Having just wrote that, I think I answered my own question.  The problem is, if you've just come here via Facebook, or a search or Reddit, this is all you'll see.  I'm not above doing larger commissions, and I have in the past.  I think it's just awareness.

To be fair, a large reason I do the "sketches" is a time issue.  Were I to take on a larger commission, it would take me longer.  I can do a portrait in 30 minutes.  Something more would take days, weeks maybe.  I do this for fun as well as profit, but I don't (yet) do it for a living.

To that end, if you are interested in something a bit more formal, a bit larger, a bit more artistic, I'm completely willing to take a shot at satisfying your request.  I've also added a link on the sidebar that takes to a collection of all the artwork I've done to date.  I try to keep it as current as possible so check back often.

Carry on.

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