Monday, November 5, 2012

End of Year Blitz

66. Infernal Machine
Originally uploaded by xadrian.
So we're now in that point where I can't really post any new drawings or videos as they becomes gifts for the holidays. I try to do this all the time, waiting for the clients to receive them before I put them online. That gift giving time is now several weeks away, so I'll be putting up new 700 Robots drawings to fill the time.

However, that should not stop YOU from ordering a portrait. And as a reminder, the sooner you order the better. I'll be traveling a little and I still have to do a Christmas card, so time is precious. If you'd like to get a portrait done as a gift, better order sooner than later. I just want to make sure all the orders get drawn and mailed in time.

Spread the word!

(The drawing is an interpretation of Infernal Machine, which was basically a weapon. Other devices with this name are sea mines or organ guns. This was the interpretation of a "machine infernale" which was used in a plot to assassinate Napoleon.)

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